Bug bites of any kind can be hard to identify the source without seeing the culprit at the time of the bite. And it is true that some people will simply not react, while others will get fully enflamed blisters because of the bites. However it is not what the single bite may look like that will help expose a bed bug infestation, but rather where those bites are located. As a pest control professional, we are not allowed to treat for, or positively identify bed bugs simply by the bite marks alone. Neither can a physician identify bed bug bites simply by observing the marks on the skin. We must actually find bed bugs or their shed skins, eggs and droppings. However, there are certain characteristics in bed bug bites that will strongly suggest a bed bug infestation and here is what you need to know.

1. Bed bug bites are generally not random

Generally, bites from bedbugs will be clustered up in a single area where the bed bug will feed. When a bed bug feeds it will feed for a moment, then move a little, feed again and then move. Bed bugs will repeat this process until they are full and then retreat back to their hiding places.

2. Bed bug bites will generally follow a line

As mentioned above, bed bug will move around while they feed and many times. You will see the bed bug bites follow a path which can be in a straight line or in zigzag patterns. As pest professionals, we call these track marks. These track marks of bed bug bites are very specific to bed bug and when noticed can be a dead give away.

3. Bed bug bites can leave blood spots on the sheets

Bed bugs actually inject an anticoagulant into a person before they start feeding, this can lead to people to bleed out a little after they leave the area they just fed on. This will at times leave little blood spots on your sheets that came into contact with those areas directly after feeding.

4. Bed Bug Bites will generally be located in easy to access area where the skin is exposed

Bites will be found on easy to access areas of your skin not covered by clothes like arms, ankles, legs, shoulders, hands, and neck.

This is a quick and dirty guide to bed bug bites. If you find any or all of these symptoms to be evident then it would be important that you perform a quick inspection for bed bugs.