The term Pantry Pest is devoted to a number of insects that are most commonly found inside or near stored food items, and sometimes they are referred to as stored product pests as well. Finding a Pantry Pest in your items is bad, but when you locate them in your food, you can feel violated, disgusted or both. Following these simple steps can help to avoid encountering these pesky pests.

How To Prevent Pantry Pests

  • Check for signs of moisture and water. As with all insects, Pantry Pests require moisture to survive. Remedy as located.
  • Do not allow refuse to pile up. Remove trash regularly and place outdoors.
  • Ensure cleaning practices in the kitchen are routine and detailed. Keep up food crumbs and other food items.
  • Always keep food items in sealed containers to prevent access to their food source.
  • Only use the freshest products in your pantry. If an item has reached is best used by date, it is best to remove it.
  • Do not buy or bring home damaged products in paper containers like bags or boxes. If it isn’t sealed, don’t buy it.

Pantry Pest Infestation

Even if you took the above precautions it doesn’t make you immune to an infestation. Don’t worry, these issues can be as easily remedied as they were introduced if acted upon swiftly and properly. You may find a various sorted array of Pantry Pests and it can prove overwhelming to learn about them all. The most actively found Pantry Pest is the Indian Meal Moth Larvae and adult and small Flour Beetles. You may also encounter a variety of other Weevils or Beetles in these areas, as they are common Pantry Pests as well. Regardless of the type of Pantry Pest found in your home, curing them is very similar in mode of action.

If you do find yourself asking the question, “How do I get rid of little flying insects in my kitchen?” then just go through the above steps listed in order. While cleaning and working through the list, search for the source of the issue. The most common location of infestation is in food items themselves. You may find a bag of grain or cereal with insects inside. Remove immediately in a sealed container outside. Locating eggs is very difficult so plan on only finding adults. Once the source is removed, cleaning and sealing the home will help prevent the remaining population from breeding and spreading. Seal up all cracks and crevices with caulk or similar sealant, as moisture and food debris can fall into these cracks.

Don’t be stressed, Pantry Pests are common and can be found all over the country. We have friends who deal with these insects as far as the east coast, and one of our friendly Pest Control Operators in West Palm Beach, Florida even wrote a similar article on the matter. If you find this process to be overwhelming, or you just want that professional touch to inspecting your home, Modesto Pest Control professionals at Byrd Pest Control is always ready to do the heavy lifting for you as part of our regular program of pest control and prevention.

Hope this helps and happy hunting, cleaning, and preventing Pantry Pests in your home!


Photo by Jason Leung