Thank you for taking the time to check us out and consider us as your possible your service provider. We are committed to providing you with the best pest control service in the industry. Our managers and supervisors have unrivaled experience and our technicians are well trained and strive to provide the best service possible. Here we will outline our service plan for your home.

During the initial service

You will receive a thorough, customized treatment by a certified and licensed technician. He or she will professionally inspect, identify, and treat for all existing infestations in and around the home and property. This may also include treating the inside of your home for specific pest invaders. Our thorough initial start-up service will eliminate 80% to 90% of the adult pest population. Be aware that the initial treatment can often drive surviving pests out from their hiding places. In fact, it is common to notice an increase in pest activity for one or two weeks as pests look for new places to dwell. Your first quarterly regular service will begin the following month when your licensed technician returns to disrupt the pest’s egg cycle. It is imperative for us to return and attack the surviving 10% to 20% of the adult pests and eliminate any recently hatched eggs before they are able to reproduce.

The key to effective pest control is regular maintenance

After the first two services, we will return once per season (every three months) to ensure your home remains pest free. We will send you an email in advance to notify you of the date of your regular upcoming appointment. To minimize the amount of chemicals used inside the home, we will only treat the interior of your home on an as-needed basis or upon request. Our primary focus is placing a protective barrier around the exterior of the home. This barrier prevents pests from migrating inside and finding harborage within your walls. We will thoroughly treat around the foundation, focusing on doors, windows and other pest entry points. Byrd Pest Control dedicates special attention to the foundation of the home, brushing down unsightly pest residue up to twenty feet, including spider webs, egg sacs, and wasp nests. We thoroughly inspect your property’s walkways, driveway, patio and yard for ants and other pest infestations.

Our goal is to always exceed your expectations

On occasion, we anticipate that pests may actually return between regular service visits. Whenever you see ants, roaches, pantry pests or other insects inside or wish to have the interior serviced, please call us to arrange a free appointment that works with your schedule. You may Call/Text/Email us with any questions at any time. Once again, thank you for choosing Byrd Pest Control.

John Byrd
President, Byrd Pest Control.