I haven’t even begun writing yet and I’m already feeling itchy. Just the mention of fleas is enough to strike fear into the minds of many. Below is some simple info regarding fleas to help you understand and be better prepared to prevent those parasitic pests.

The most important question you must ask first is, “Do I have pets?” If the answer is yes, then make sure they are on a healthy vet approved flea prevention program. Your pets health and safety is priority one. If there are fleas anywhere on your property, animals are their easiest mode of transportation, guaranteed.

The next question you need to answer is, “Are there carpeted floors present?” If yes, vacuum your carpets on a routine basis. If fleas make entry, the vibration of the vacuum will make even the most minor infestation seem more severe, and at this point control will be much easier. Vacuuming removed the flea eggs from the carpeted areas as well, so make sure to dispose of bags in a sealed container. Flea larvae can survive dormant for up to 2 years until conditions are just right, so finding them randomly is not uncommon. They love to hide in dark areas like under couches or furniture. Deep cleaning once a month is key.

Make sure to launder your pet bedding on a regular basis. This can catch an issue early as well. If you have cats that like to perch on windows or bookshelves, regularly dust and clean those perches to remove any possibility of any flea presence early.

So you followed these steps and still the fleas found you. What to do now? Don’t fear, the same steps above are some of the main steps needed to prepare your residence for a treatment by professionals. Use it as a checklist to ensure all cleaning is done prior to the arrival of any specialists. Ensure any pet toys and bowls are removed as well.

Be ready in the event you have fleas outdoors to have that difficult chat with your neighbors so they can consider having their property treated to prevent the spread of an infestation. Asking a professional from Byrd Pest Control is acceptable to assist in finding a source of the fleas prior to any treatment. This ensures there is a plan of action to get control quickly, and any prep items can be discussed beforehand.

All in all, fleas may seem nerve wracking, but controlling them can be very straightforward and simple, if you exercise patience and put in the diligence ahead of time to be prepared.

We hope this info helps you in your quest to be pest free.



Photo by Tucker Good