What is a Silverfish?

Most have seen a silverfish but very few know what it is, citing anything from a little weird bug to a wild looking alien! Silverfish are very small pests that lead a rather hermit style life. They are about 3/4″ in length. Their bodies are shaped like a “teardrop”, are bluish-grey and have little shoots near the end of the body.

Certain conducive conditions can allow for a greater chance of infestation. The more humid an area can be, the more activity of silverfish may be. Pay special attention to the following areas:

  • Kitchens
  • Attic areas
  • Crawlspaces
  • Basements
  • Stored paper or cardboard boxes

Silverfish also congregate near areas of darkness or low light, so finding them in outdoor storage areas like garages or sheds is common. Silverfish feed on any food debris, but they also will consume anything of a basic cellulose material. They have been known to feed on glues, linens, and various paper items like books and fabrics. They have even been found infesting and consuming parts of furniture and even wallpaper.

How to control Silverfish

It is very difficult to control these insects on a do it yourself program due to the hidden nature of the pest and the abundance of various feeding and harborage areas. There are certain natural remedies such as oils and spices that have been rumored to control them, but the real truth is most of those products just repel them from the immediate area, but don’t do anything to stop the pest from the rest of the home that isn’t treated such as some rugs and inside walls. The best method of control is good prevention. Remove anything that may be a food source or a harborage area that you are able to. Running a dehumidifier if your home is known to have a moisture issue has been known to curb major issues as well.

Byrd Pest Control is prepared to inspect, consult and if needed treat to help you gain control of any active problems. We also have a great prevention program should the task be too great or you lack the time to spend on the issue yourself.

Good luck and be as pest free as you want to be.


Photo by kazuend