Did you know bed bugs at this point have not been found to spread any disease? There is an opportunity for them to, but there has not been a documented case of someone getting sick because of a bed bug. However cosmetically, they have left some nasty welts on people and their bites can result in some very visible markings that are unsightly and they can be very itchy.

Bed Bugs have not been found to be a huge physical health risk at this point, however, one of the larger issues with bed bugs is the effect that it has on people mentally and emotionally. Every day I see the fear and anxiety that pests in general cause people, and having a bug that sleeps with and feeds off of you at night is a horrifying position to be in for many people. A study was done back in 2012 to determine whether bed bug infestations were linked to sleep disturbances, anxiety, and depression. Honestly, I don’t think it takes an academic to realize that this is true, but I guess someone has to make it official.

This study was done in Montreal Canada in an apartment complex where 39 tenants that have been dealing with bedbugs compared to 52 tenants that did not have bedbugs. The conclusion of the study was in the affirmative that bed bugs do indeed increase the risk of being sleep disturbed, anxious and depressed. The trauma that bed bugs induce is serious, a family was just recently awarded 1.6 million dollars because of the neglect of management at an apartment after a parent was horrified to see their 3-month-old baby bitten up by bedbugs. The baby was fine, however, the emotional trauma and distress that it caused kicked off a lawsuit. The trauma and fear are real, 1.6 million dollars real.

Don’t let bedbugs continue to affect you and your family. Call Byrd Pest Control and set up an appointment to get your pest issues under control, and if you are dealing with the trauma of a pest infestation even after the actual bugs are gone, I highly recommend seeking Counseling in Modesto California. A place like Downey Park Counseling Accoisates can help you move on and get this horrible experience behind you.