Busy college students don’t need the added stress of dealing with unwanted “roommates.” Unfortunately, the transitory nature of dormitories makes them a prime spot for bed bug infestations.

Do you have a son or daughter away at college, or heading there soon? Make sure they don’t have to suffer the distraction of these annoying pests. Share these helpful tips from our Modesto bed bug exterminator on how to earn an A in bed bug prevention.

How to Give Bed Bugs a Failing Grade

– Bed bugs are excellent travelers, finding their way into dorms by hitching rides with students coming from all areas. Start off by carefully examining your packed bags before returning to school.

– If you travel via public transportation, such as planes or trains, immediately wash and dry all your clothing at the highest possible temperatures.

– Thoroughly inspect mattress seams and covers before making the bed for the first time. Follow up by checking the rest of the room, paying special attention to chairs, couches and headboards.

– In the meantime, place luggage in the bathtub or shower. Bed bugs tend to avoid cooler areas.

– College students traditionally decorate with second-hand furniture, but be wary of items that come from unknown sources as they may be harboring bed bugs. If you must have used furniture, inspect it before bringing it into your room.

– Don’t get so carried away with freedom that you neglect good housekeeping habits. Messy rooms offer more hiding spots for bed bugs and make it harder to spot an infestation during the earlier, easier-to-control stages.

– Watch for unexplained bites and rashes on your body. Even if there are no signs of bed bugs, such ailments should be examined by a doctor.

Library books pass through a lot of different hands, making them another attractive hideaway for bed bugs. Look inside the bindings and between the pages for any tell tale signs of bed bugs before taking them home.

– Mattress liners are convenient and inexpensive safeguards against bed bug infestations. These liners are also helpful if you suffer from allergies.

– If you even suspect the presence of bed bugs in your room, notify dormitory staff immediately.

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