Could anything ruin the happy memories of a vacation faster than coming home in need of Modesto pest control services? Unfortunately, that can happen if some bothersome bed bugs decide to hitch a ride in your clothing and luggage.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Whenever you travel, follow these tips to check your hotel room for bed bugs and stop these pests in their tracks.

How to Inspect a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

– As soon as you enter the room, set your luggage down in the bathtub or on a rack that’s raised up off the floor. Keep all bags closed until you complete the inspection.

– Pull back the covers and sheets from one of the corners of the bed until the mattress is exposed. Look carefully for bed bugs, which are about the size of an apple seed, or tiny reddish-brown spots that could be signs of blood or excrement.

– Use a credit card to get into narrow folds and seams, such as along the mattress piping. The flashlight on a cell phone is helpful to illuminate dark areas.

– Repeat this procedure on the other three corners of the mattress.

– Remove comforters, blankets and any other bed covers. Check the top sheet and bed sheet for bed bugs and stains.

– Upholstered furniture and drapes also provide cover for bed bugs. Inspect chairs, sofas and curtains, paying particular attention to seams and folds. The credit card and cell phone flashlight come in handy for this procedure as well.

– Finally, check grooves and crevices in the headboard and nightstand. If bed bugs are hiding within, shining the flashlight into these areas will send them scurrying.

– If everything comes up clear, go ahead and unpack. It doesn’t hurt to be cautious, so keep luggage on a rack, closet shelf or somewhere up off the carpet.

– If you find any signs of bed bugs, take your luggage and leave the room immediately. Report your findings to a hotel staff member and request another room.

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