In the eyes of most people, one ant is the same as another. Would you be surprised to learn that more than 100 different species of ants can be found in the Modesto area?

While all ant species have basic similarities, they also have certain unique characteristics. Our Patterson pest control service experts help identify some of the more common local ant varieties.

Argentine Ant

Despite its name, the Argentine ant is the most populous species in the Bay Area and other parts of California. The sheer number of Argentine ants has driven many native ant species in search of new homes.

The Argentine ant is believed to have first entered the United States via coffee shipments to New Orleans around 1891. They’re roughly 1/8″ in length and light to medium brown in color, although they appear black from a distance.

Factors that make the Argentine ant so hardy include:

– Ability to nest in diverse habits, both sheltered and exposed.

– Omnivorous diet that allows them to find food anywhere.

– Peaceful co-existence with other Argentine ant colonies while exterminating rival species.

– Tendency to invade homes in large numbers.

Army Ant

Army ants get their name from their nomadic quality and aggressive “raids” on anything that lies in their path. In keeping with the comparison, a cluster of army ants is known as a “bivouac.”

When army ants are on the move, they travel at night and camp during the day. They have an amazing ability to create their nest by hanging on to each other with jaws and claws to form walls.

Once the need for food decreases, army ants settle into a stationary phase. These cycles, or “rampages,” average 17 days. In addition to birds and insects, army ants eat animals, including chickens, pigs, goats and snakes.

Odorous House Ant

Odorous house ants also go by the equally unappealing name of stink ants. These ants are approximately 1/8″ in length, come in brown or black and are easily identifiable by the foul rotten coconut smell they emit when crushed.

While odorous house ants aren’t dangerous, they pose a nuisance by frequently entering homes in search of food. They also seek shelter indoors during periods of heavy rain.

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