We’re not across the Californa. We are your Neighbors.


Byrd Pest Control has been serving Central Valley families since 2013. Our formula for success isn’t complicated. It’s great people delivering a high-quality service – on time and with a smile.

Locally Owned and Operated.

Byrd Pest Control is a local company, family owned and operated. John Byrd started the company in 2013. in 2003 John began his career in pest control worked his way into Branch Manager, and then seeing the need for a local pest control company with values that matched his own, decided to start Byrd Pest Control. 


Because we live and work where you live and work, you can call and speak with the owner of the company at any time. Try doing that with one of the big national chains!


Get the very latest environmentally friendly pest control products, application methods, exclusion methods. We have also gone paperless, and have reduced the amount to chemical spraying by 75% in the last year alone, and we are getting much better control!

Employee Hiring Process.

We’re hiring people who will be in and around your home. That’s why our employee selection process has been described as “jumping through hoops!” Candidates for employment go through a series of interviews and complete a battery of tests including a personality profile, a problem-solving test, a risk-assessment test, a drug screen and a state and federal background check. And we check references! We only hire the best.

Low Turnover.

Because we hire the best, and we strive to take care of our team, they stick with us and we truly are looking out for each other and our clients in the best way possible.

Meet the Byrd Family!

modesto pest control route manager jj purdom - About

JJ Purdom

Route Manager

JJ was Byrd Pest Control’s first team member that John brought on in 2015. His improv, impersonation skills and sense of humor have translated well into pest control. In a previous life, he was a wrestling announcer and Radio personality. If you wanna good laugh just ask him about it! He will not leave your house without making you smile.

modesto pest control route manager garrett morlang - About

Garrett Morlang

Route Manager

Garrett grew up in Papua New Guinea but is originally from Wisconsin. He and his wife are about to have their first baby! So be sure to congratulate him when you see him! He is one of this nicest guys you will meet. We stole him from working customer service at Toyota in Modesto. I am sorry Toyota, you cannot have him back.

modesto pest control office manager juanita byrd - About

Juanita Byrd

Office Manager

Juanita is John’s Mom and has been in the pest control industry for over 30 years. In her free time, she loves to knit, creating stuffed animals, sweaters and clothing for her grandchildren’s toys

modesto pest control owner john byrd - About

John Byrd

Branch Manager/Owner

John started Byrd Pest Control, is an Associate Certified Entomologist. Love’s his wife Whitney and 4 kids, And it not very creative when writing about himself. 


This is the dream team! I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do! Get to know us more and give us a call!

Our Core Values


  • Each team member owns the work and takes responsibility for results.
  • Our team is comprised of independent, intelligent individuals who are concerned with the care and safety or our client’s homes, the public, our environment, as well as our own personal health.
  • We realize our client’s time and our own time are valuable, therefore we are efficient and thorough.
  • We set clear expectations on what we will be doing for our clients, as well as our expectations of them.



  • We are a team that sharpens one another, encouraging one another to become the best.
  • We train, grow, and always improve our knowledge and expertise.
  • We are in an ever changing industry that requires our continued attention and the regulatory requirements require mastery of the products we use and we will strive to be masters.
  • We are professionals; we will know exactly what it is that we are doing in any given scenario. We do not guess. If we find ourselves guessing, we reach out for help and we get answers