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Flea Preparation Checklist

Flea Treatment Preparation The same processes used to prepare for a flea treatment can also be employed to prevent flea issues from arising, as well as minimizing outbreaks should the arise making treatments much more effective in a shorter time frame. The purpose of...

The Emotional Trauma From Bed Bugs

Did you know bed bugs at this point have not been found to spread any disease? There is an opportunity for them to, but there has not been a documented case of someone getting sick because of a bed bug. However cosmetically, they have left some nasty welts on people...

Beneficial Insects vs Non-Beneficial Pests

My name is John Byrd and I am the owner of Byrd Pest Control. It is our mission to protect beneficial insects as part of our management programs. Let's start by defining our terms. In the formal sense of the word, a pest is "a destructive insect or other animals that...

What Are Bed Bugs?

Your bed is your sanctuary. And when your sanctuary is infested with icky bed bugs, it’s the last place you want to be. But what exactly are bed bugs? They’re exactly what their name implies — bugs that infest your bed. They are small, brownish/red, parasitic insects...

Welcome to the Modesto Pest Control Blog

Serving Central Valley with our quality, eco-friendly pest control services, we are who you come to for insect, ants, spiders, rodent exclusion, and bed bug, and extermination. If you live in the Modesto and surrounding areas, take the time to learn about our services...

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