The Various Cockroaches in the Central Valley

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Oriental Cockroach

This roach is one the most common roach that we deal with here in the Central Valley, We have plenty of heat and moisture which are prerequisites to an oriental roach population. These are the roaches that you will see on the exterior of your home and in your garage. They generally cannot survive once they get into your home unless you have a plumbing/moisture issue. This is why you will see them flipped on their backs and half dead inside your house, they wandered in and got dehydrated. It is rare that oriental roaches will infest a home but common that they make messes dying inside the home.

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American Cockroach

These roaches are actually starting to displace the oriental roach populations. These roaches, however, prefer cold and damp environments and are frequently found in the sub-areas of homes. American roaches will also infest the inside of homes if there is adequate moisture.

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German Cockroach

These roaches are commensal in the same way that rodents are. Rodents and roaches will live with people and will literally eat off the same table as you! They will infest your home and are the most difficult of the roaches to control due to how fast they can multiply in a home.

The health concerns with Roaches

Although Roaches do no spread disease by biting like mosquitos or fleas & ticks however they will spread salmonella and their feces and shed skins are proven to cause asthma in young children and they are major contributors to asthma in children just as with bedbugs. Roaches are nasty and really have no place in the home. It is very important that the roaches that you are dealing with are properly identified so that the proper treatment can be recommended. Luckily these roaches are fairly easy to distinguish from one another because of how they look and how they behave. Modesto roach control is one of the biggest services that we offer.

We Can handle your Roaches Guaranteed

We have a proven process and will stand behind our services. Also, we do a lot of services for tenant-occupied properties and have a proven process that works in these situations. We even have preparation sheets in Spanish so that everybody is on the same page. We will take care of your clients.

Our Commercial clients love us

We team up with you and your staff to set up a program that ensures the success of your business. We understand how important that “A” rating is to you and your clients. We will help you pass inspections with flying colors as you follow our game plan for a healthy food establishment. We will come after hours to ensure that your business is not interrupted.


Here are some crazy facts about roaches

    • A roach can live for a week without its head, and the only reason it will die is that without its mouth it is not able to eat or drink and it starves. They are still able to breathe since do that through their body.
    • Trying to drown a roach is a useless endeavor unless it is for 40 minutes because that is how long they can hold their breath.
    • The top speed of a roach is 3 miles an hour, for a crawling insect, this is very fast!
    • German Roaches can reach adulthood and start producing eggs in as little as 36 days, and each German Roach female is capable of laying 100 eggs in her lifetime.
    • a brand new baby german cockroach is the size of a speck of dust and can actually run almost as fast as the adults!
    • American roaches love beer! They enjoy any other type of alcohol, but the hops and sugar really seem to grab their attention.
    • The largest roach in the entire world is from South Africa and is six inches long with a one-foot wingspan!
    • There are over 4000 species of roaches in the world and the most common species is the German Roach, followed by the brown-banded and American Roach.
    • Roaches can live without food for one month, but only one week without water. Keep it clean people 🙂