Protect your Family from Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are horrible. Each year they wreak havoc on your outdoor family time and events, These relentless pests not only bring pain and itching for hours, they also spread West Nile, Zika and other illnesses that bring flu-like symptoms.

Now there is something you can do about it! We offer a full-blown mosquito reduction program, and it is fantastic!

We will get the mosquitos before they even hatch

We find the areas around your home that harbor these little suckers. We will help you eliminate standing water around your home as well as treat any standing water that may not be eliminated. Eliminating any chance of Mosquitos to breed on your property. We will also partner with you to educate your neighbors about the risks associated with standing water around their homes.

modesto pest control ca outdoor and mosquito free environment with organic products - Mosquito Control Modesto

The added Benefit to a Mosquito Treatment

When you have your yard treated for mosquitos, it will also help with those occasional invaders like box elder bugs, outdoor flies and stick bugs as well as fleas and ticks. We will treat the vegetation where mosquitos like to rest, around windows and doorways, garbage cans, trees, and landscaping. When you see the reduction in mosquitos you will be thrilled!

We use Organic and All Natural Products

Our Mosquito reduction Program uses essential oils so you can rest assured that you will not have any unnecessarily harsh pesticides around your pets and family.

modesto pest control ca outdoor and mosquito free environment with organic products for weddings - Mosquito Control Modesto

Wedding/Event Organic Treatment

When you are planning your big day that last thing you want is a bunch of wedding crashers bothering your guests. You already have enough on your plate. Our Event Mosquito Treatments are very affordable starting at $150 to treat your yard or venue. Just have us come out a day or two before to treat and you are set! Call us and give us your location and we can get you a quote over the phone!