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Byrd Pest Control Modesto office has raised the bar over the past 5 years. We continue to deliver on our promises of exceptional services with a smile. Our customers trust us, and we intend on delivering great services for years to come

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So, why are you looking for a pest control Modesto area company?

Are you new to the area? if so WELCOME! We are so glad you are here. There are a lot of great things about Modesto, however, the bugs are not one of them. You don’t have to worry because Byrd Pest Control has got you covered. If you came from the Bay Area you may already be familiar with all the pests that we have here and noticed the big difference in the Modesto area is that there are just a lot more of them.

You are not alone, Yes those are large roaches on the floor in your home, and yes there are spiders everywhere, and oh yeah, those noises above your ceiling are not kittens playing on the roof, but some type of rodent making some sort of a nest in your attic. That is why so many pest control Modesto companies exist, which brings me to my next point.

Some of you have maybe had pest control before but are looking for a better company to work with, and not only a better company but you are looking for the BEST company to work with that really gets it.

Is COMMUNICATION important to you?

If so, you may be looking for a pest control Modesto company who will text you reminders for when we will be coming out to your appointments. We have found that people really appreciate how we email all of our documentation with them. Our office, including all our technicians, are heavy texters.

Is TIME important to you?

We see so clearly that the right use of technology has not only helped us have clear communication but that it has actually saved our clients time! For example, we give our clients a 3-6 day notice through email about when we will be coming out to their home and the business day before we send a text message letting them know we will be coming out the following day. If there is ever a scheduling conflict where you have a big party, or family over the next day, you can simply email or text us back and reschedule on the fly!

Another huge time saver is with our billing and reporting. We do all of this electronically so that you never have to open an invoice in the mail or have to send us a check. Everything is all done electronically.

Do you like things being EASY?

Just look at how our communication makes things easy for you and saves you time, our billing is all done electronically on a monthly basis which makes working with us a breeze. We do not flood you with a bunch of paperwork by simply leave a note on your door after we service and all our reporting is saved on the could and if you ever have any questions you can just jump into your online portal and view your entire history. We have invested heavily to make working with us easy!

Have you ever heard of a Pest Control Modesto Company that has CORE VALUES?

Core values are fundamental beliefs that we live by, these value direct everything that we do and are how we make all of our business decisions. Anyone who does not share these beliefs does not have a place in Byrd Pest Control Modesto.

Honesty & Integrity

“We are truthful with each other, with our customers, with our vendors. We are ethical and fair, always doing the right thing, even when it is difficult.”


“We communicate clearly, follow through with our commitments and conduct ourselves in a respectful and considerate manner to others”


“Our curiosity drives us to explore and innovate, finding solutions to the problems and puzzles we face daily.”

Continuous Self Improvement

“We are going to make 1000 mistakes in any area of life. Our goal is to make all those mistakes ASAP, be honest about them and learn from them. The only expectation is an improvement, not perfection and we grow by being accountable to one another”

We live and breath these core values, Just look at our reviews on Google, Yelp or Facebook, you will see that we take our core values very seriously.

Our team is full of PEOPLE WHO CARE

This is one of the biggest qualities that we look for in our candidates. We only hire the best and brightest people in Modesto who are genuinely caring people. For our team, this is not a mere Job, this is a livelihood in which they get to know those they serve. The only reason that we are as successful as we are is that we have a team of people who actually care.

Did you know we only use GREEN PEST CONTROL inside your home?

We refuse to use harsh synthetic pesticides inside your home in areas where you spend the most of your time. Even though a synthetic pesticide may say that it is appropriate to be used indoors we have seen the studies that may suggest that this may not be the best thing to put inside your home affecting the air you breathe. This is a matter of conscience for us, knowing what I know about pesticides and how they affect people I (John Byrd – owner of Byrd Pest Control Modesto) personally am not comfortable using these pesticides in my home and have found much better ways of keeping a home pest free without the use of such products. Synthetic products are great for the outside but in my opinion, however, not in our homes. Depending on the situation we will use Natural, Organic and Reduced Risk products inside your home.


Having such a prestigious person on staff brings a level of professionalism and knowledge that has been one of the markers of success that has made our services so effective. Our technicians were trained by someone who understands pest biology at some of the most advanced levels, allowing us to perform services in the smartest most effective manner possible. Once you watch us work on your house you will see the difference an ACE can bring.


If we have not communicated realistic expectations and followed through in doing what we said we were going to do then we have failed and do not deserve compensation. We are so incredibly serious about this that if we have failed you we will not only give you your money back but we will give you $25 to help compensate you for wasting your time! We have never had to do this but we say this to show you how serious we are about making sure you are properly taken care of. Byrd Pest Control Modesto will make sure you are completely happy.

Byrd Pest Control Loves Modesto

We live here, we love it here and are here for the long haul. There have been many companies over the years spring up, grow aggressively all for the purpose of selling to large international companies. This is not us, we love what we do and we are here to stay! When you decide to use Byrd Pest Control Modesto as your own personal pest professional you are investing in a company that is locally owned and operated who is here to stay and serves you well for many, many years to come. We love and appreciates all our clients and neighbors.


Our service is not for everyone. Not everyone can afford the $30-40 a month for pest control services and they are more than capable of handling many of the pests out there on their own. We have been building our library of DIY pest control tips in our News & Articles section of our website along with other very helpful and fun articles.


pest control modesto ca spider web dusting under eaves - Modesto Exterminator Byrd Pest Control Modesto- Modesto's Eco-Friendly Pest Company

We use the most advanced methods in pest control, with top of the line equipment which makes our treatment the absolute most effective. As you watch us service your home you will notice some new and exciting inovations.

pest control modesto ca greeting from john byrd - Modesto Exterminator Byrd Pest Control Modesto- Modesto's Eco-Friendly Pest Company

We love what we do and it really shows in how we take care of your home. If you ever have any questions you can ask any of our team members and they would love to help you.

pest control modesto ca residential service - Modesto Exterminator Byrd Pest Control Modesto- Modesto's Eco-Friendly Pest Company

Don’t Hesitate to give us a call! We would love to help you with your pest issues.

What our customers are saying…

Talk about good customer service. We’re not always at home so it’s nice to have a company go out of their way to provide services not only do we get a call t make sure they don’t miss us, we also have a text sent to us , but that’s not the best thing JJ, the service gentleman also gives me a call. Thank you for going that extra mile. Good to see there are still people that put pride in there job.

Albert A.


I highly recommend Byrd Pest, as a real estate professional in the community pest problems can be difficult to handle. They have great technicians with excellent customer service and a fantastic product

Denny S.


Love the service!! Whenever there is any concern it is quickly taken care of with no questions or issues. And most of all with fantastic attitudes, the customer service is on point. I love that I don’t have spiders in my house!

Johnny K.


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