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Cockroaches are one of the most common pests we deal with in this area and we deal with multiple species. Our climate here in the Central Valley is perfect for these pests to thrive in. with the perfect combination of heat and moisture. They are not only unsightly but they carry nasty bacteria that is harmful to people and they are proven to cause asthma in young children. Let us know, and we will eliminate these issues for you with our Modesto Cockroach Control program.

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Rodents are called commensal rodents, with means that they eat from the same table as people do. With diseases like Hantavirus and the ability to spread salmonella, you do not want them at your table. If you are dealing with this, let us know and we will set up a rodent inspection and get you started with our Modesto Rodent Control program and let us do your Mice control and rodent control for you.

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Most spiders are quite harmless and actually are fantastic hunters and considered beneficial insects in many cases however there are other which are poisonous, and others that can give a painful bite. Spiders can also be very messy with their webs. Reach out to us if you are in need of Spider Control in Modesto.

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Ants can be one of the most frustrating pests to control since there can be over 20,000 ants in a single colony and they are very persistent, requiring much diligence. Don’t try and battle these on your own give us a call or learn more about Ant Control Modesto.

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Indian Meal Moths

These Pantry Pests can be a huge nuisance and will contaminate all of your stored grain products in your home. We will help find the source and solve the issue for good. We are Indian meal moth experts that you can rely on.

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Wasps/Stinging Insects

The most common wasps we deal with in the Modesto Area is Paper wasps. These wasps get their name based on the composition of their nests they build that is a paper texture. These are the most aggressive wasps we deal with in our area.

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Earwigs/Pincher Bugs

Earwigs have a common name of Pincher Bugs because of their characteristic large cerci. They may look frightening but those pincers are really only powerful enough for the earwig to subdue its prey and protect itself from other smaller insects and not strong enough to even bring on any pain on a person, However, they will bite. These Pests will not only eat your plants but they are known to wander into a home in search of food. Our program for controlling earwigs is Fantastic.

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Silverfish are harmless to people, but they will feast on the glue in your book bindings. Silverfish can take up to three months to three years to reach adulthood, all depending on their climate. Call us if you are dealing with silverfish since we have a proven process that will eliminate these bugs for good.