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A Rodent Control Program That Solves Your Rodent Problems for Good!

Are you burdened with a rodent infestation? The experts at Byrd Pest Control will gain control fast, eliminating the rodents forever. We offer proven and effective rodent control services in Modesto/Patterson and surrounding areas. With our rodent control, trapping, removal and exclusion services. Your rodent problems can soon be a thing of the past!

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Rodents are entering your home because they have easy access to inside your home. Generally, rodents are not going to work to horribly hard to enter your home. They will explore like crazy though. Rodents are opportunistic and once they find an opening in your home they will let themselves in.

This is why finding those holes and access points are crucial to stopping rodents from getting into your home. This picture is a prime example of the easy access that may be given to rodents.

What is Rodent Exclusion?

This is a quick example of what a small rodent exclusion job looks like. It is a fairly simple fix to a large rodent issue at this house. unlike Mosquitos who can just fly in, or German Roaches and Bedbugs that are brought in by people. Rodents will break into your home just for shelter.

These people have been dealing with a constant issue with mice coming into their home. They would catch many rodents a week. They lived out in the country surrounded by fields and had assumed that they would be trapping these rodents for the rest of their lives.

We identify where rodents are getting in and block them out.

We came in and identified possible areas where the rodents were getting into the home and once he hired us to start the work we opened up the areas that you see here, and sure enough, the evidence was clear. Sometimes it is easy to find where rodents are getting in and out of a structure, especially with rats, since they will leave oil marks from their bodies from the constant traffic at that entry point. However there was no evidence of that here, however, there was more than a 1/4″ gap around this vent that clued us in, which is the minimum amount of space a mouse needs to gain entry.

We ended up removing the existing vent and placing a secondary screen that would seal up the entry point, placing the old screen back on to maintain the look of the home. Once we did this the rodent activity ceased immediately. All of our rodent exclusion jobs that we do are 100% guaranteed to work. The investment of Rodent exclusion saves you time and money, as well as gives you peace of mind knowing that your home will be clear of rodents and the nasty diseases that they carry.

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What about Rodents?

Rats and mice are one of the most important pests that we consider when we do rodent removal here in Modesto, they are capable of carrying over 200 disease organisms, many of them can be transmitted to people. Many of the diseases are spread when rodents go exploring at night. What makes rodents so filthy is that they urinate and defecate constantly as they scurry around. They are not concerned with traveling over their extricate but rather use it as markers of the most convenient routes to travel. Wherever a rodent has explored, you can be sure that they have left traces behind.
Because of this, it is never acceptable for a rodent to be in your home. This is why stopping the rodents from ever entering your home in the first place is so important. We believe that just trapping or poisoning rodents as a primary means of control is in fact unacceptable. If a rodent is allowed to enter the home, the home then becomes immediately contaminated. Any contact with rodents, or rodent feces, urine, or body fluids must be avoided, also when cleaning up after a rodent it is important not to inhale dust arising from rodent feces or nesting materials.

How can we help you with your rodent problem?

We keep rodents out of your home for good by finding the entry points and sealing them off permanently. Rodents differ from other kinds of animals in that their front teeth are designed to grow very fast, and if a rodent does not gnaw on something the rodent’s teeth will grow too big and die. Therefore, blocking rodents out requires using materials and methods that will now allow them to break back in. And because of their amazing sense of smell, they will know exactly where rodents have entered the home in the past, and they will attempt to get back in.

What about Squirrels?

Another rodent that can be a major nuisance is squirrels, they chew open a hole the size of a softball in your home in order to find a place of harborage, again the only way to solve a squirrel problem is to exclude them from the house as well.

There are over 3,000 different kinds of rodents and luckily we only deal with a handful of them here in the Modesto area, but the ones we do deal with can be quite nasty and cause a lot of damage.

How do rodents get into a home?

Mice are designed to get into and live in very small places. Don’t let fur fool you, if you were to shave a mouse you would see how tiny they really are! Also, they do not have collar bones, which allows them to squeeze into some very tight spots. The factor that limits a rodent from getting through an opening is the actual size of its head. A simple measurement to see if a mouse can get into an area is to see if a pencil can get through it if so a mouse can get through with no problem.

Rats need a little bit bigger of an opening ¾ of an inch or roughly the size of a quarter and like the mouse, if it can get its head in, the rest of the body will follow.

How do I know if I have a rodent problem?

  • The physical presence of the rodents
  • Hearing noises in the attic or walls (squeaking, scratching, chewing and thumping)
  • Droppings along the walls, in cabinets or drawers
  • Nests in a drawer that is not frequently used or behind an appliance or some clutter

What should I do if I find evidence of rodents in my home?

A physical inspection of your home is very important, looking high and low. Both mice and rats can enter from the roof and get into the attic, which can give them access to areas inside the home. Check for holes in the structure that are ¼ inch or more and seal them off using solid materials. Do not just fill the holes with foam, they will just chew through it and regain access and you just wasted your time and money, also expanging foam is supper ugly. You want to seal the holes in such a way that is atheticlly pleasing.

You can place traps around the home to catch them, just be sure to place them in areas that your pets or children will not have access to them and check the traps regularly. Once the rodents have been removed, disinfect the areas they were present and do a thorough cleaning just in case there are other areas they may have nested or invaded.

Or you could just call us and we would love to take care of this all for you and we will make sure that your family is safe from all the diseases, allergies and filth that these pests bring.

Our Organic/Natural Rodent Control Options

There are also situations where exclusion may be next to impossible and yet the tolerance for rodents is zero. This is a situation where our organic/natural rodent repellant really comes into play. The results of this service are stunning, The rodents will have vacated the premises after one week and will not return! With this service, we come out on a monthly basis to ensure the rodents do not come back. This service works by giving off scents that only rodents can detect that is very unpleasant to them. The great thing is that we cannot detect this scent and it does not affect us. Please give us a call of text with any questions we have on our rodent control services.