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Our Hybrid Year-Round Pest Protection Program

This is not your traditional spray service. Our most popular is our year-round pest program. This service is a hybrid service that includes using Natural and Organic products on the inside of the house to take care of any immediate issues. We then use a combination of Natural products that have a longer residual and pair it with some synthetics in order to ensure control over longer periods of time.

We have found this hybrid service to be the most economical, all while greatly reducing the amount to exposure your family has inside your home. We have found this process to be effective as well as wise since this dramatically reduces the exposure synthetic products inside the home. We have found that using synthetics outside applied to the cracks and crevices around your home in combination with our natural products is actually very effective. We also use dust under the eaves, in cracks and crevices around the home as well with great success. This method of pest control is much more environmentally friendly. also… overspray on the windows is never again an issue!

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Our team is comprised of honest, loving and friendly people who will leave your home better than how they found it. They will make sure your gate stays closed, your driveway stays clean and children are safe. When someone from Byrd Pest Control shows up at your door you can rest assured that they have your families best interest in mind.

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Our 100% Organic Pest Protection Program

This service is for those who have allergies and need a full organic only service. it is important to set proper expectations in these situations. Organic products just simply do not last as long in the environment, with exception to dust and certain baits and products. This means that a monthly frequency is required for regular service in order to maintain an acceptable level of control. Included in our Organic service is our  Organic Mosquito Reduction Program! We package these services together because the same blend of oils we use on our organic services works fantastic for mosquitos and the application methods are much just as efficient.

Our goal is to establish and maintain a pest-free environment in your home. Here at Byrd Pest Control, we accomplish this in several ways:

    • Perform a free inspection of your home to determine the extent of infestation
    • Locate all potential entry points and nesting areas around the vicinity of your home
    • Apply an exterior perimeter barrier around your home
    • Treat and create a plan to repair potential nesting areas and entrance points
    • Identify and create a plan to remove all pest harborage
    • Dust in the cracks and crevices
    • Remove exterior spider webs to help control spiders
    • Apply only family-friendly organic pest control products in your home
    • Maintain a safe environment for your loved ones and animals
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Organic/Natural Bedbug Service.

We use a combination of steam, essential oils, and natural dust to completely eliminate your current bed bug infestation. With this service, you will not have to worry about toxic chemicals on your mattress or inside your room. You can truly rest assured that your home will be safe from bed bugs after we do our treatment.

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German Roach Control

These are the small brown roaches that you find up in your kitchens and bathrooms and depending on the severity of the infestation, everywhere else in the house. These can be very difficult to control but our program is guaranteed and will be relieved once they are gone!

Organic/Natural Flea & Tick Service.

Our blend of essential oils and IGRs will destroy your flea infestation. You will be happy to know that your family and pets will be happier than ever with the fleas gone and no fear of having toxic chemicals broadcasted around your yard!

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These are very common in the Central Valley and are associated with both domestic and feral animals. Dogs, Cats, Opossums, Raccoons, and Rodents all are affected by fleas. In order to get full control of fleas, these animals must be treated for fleas as well or removed from the property in order to get full control.

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Ticks are less common but when you actually have them they seem to be in great numbers. There are environmental factors that must be considered when dealing with a tick infestation. Many people who deal with ticks have taller weeds or live next to a field that is overgrown which allow them safe harborage, as well harborage of the animals they feed on. These factors must be conciders when setting up a control program for these pests.

Lawn and Ornamental Services

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Aphids and White Fly Control

Do you see that sap all over your drive way and your car and those bugs that swarm your roses and shrubs? You then have ornamental pests. We carry out agriculteral licences just to handle these issues.

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Gopher Control

We help keep your lawn looking great by controlling gophers that may be tearing up your yard. We have different solutions for different situations, We can trap, bait and are even looking into CO2 treatments in the near future.

What to expect when we come out to your home.

When we show up to your house, you will notice that we thoroughly inspect your home before doing any sort of pest control treatment every time, not just the first. Every home is different, all with unique issues. A thorough inspection of your home will inform us as to what the best pest solution and treatment will be. We track bugs back to their hiding spots in order to treat the issue at the source.

After the initial pest treatment, we will come back in 30 days. “Why 30 days?” you may ask… Here is the rundown: Bugs lay eggs and the products that we use work great throughout the rest of the life cycle of the various bugs, but do not penetrate the eggs. In order to establish pest, rat, and bug control, we must come back immediately after the bugs have hatched to re-inspect and perform another exterior treatment in order to eliminate the bugs before they can lay eggs, stopping the bug cycle.

When we, your local exterminators, come out to your property, we will remove all of the spider webs in and around your home, and if our technician notices conditions around your home and aid and abed pest infestations, he will bring it to your attention making recommendations.

We offer bi-monthly, quarterly, and one-time pest control services, as well as many specialty services. The biggest value is in our Year-Round Protection Program. This program will ensure your home and yard is a pest-free environment all year long. Check out our article that further explains our services.


We Guarantee that you will love our services.

We do not joke around when we say that we will give you your money back if you have not 100% satisfied with our services. We will set proper expectations, walk to through our processes and make it crystal clear what we are doing so that you are never left wondering what is going on or how our services work. We understand your time is valuable. Please give us a call or text and we would love to talk to you and go into even greater detail, or even better, have us come out to your home and meet us in person to see if we are a good fit for your family. There is never any pressure, we just lay everything out there and let you decide. Thank you for taking the time to research us!