The Central Valley's Eco-Friendly Pest Control


Child and Pet Friendly

100% Service Guaranteed

Best Communication and Customer Service

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The Central Valley's Eco-Friendly Pest Control


Child and Pet Friendly

100% Service Guaranteed

Best Communication and Customer Service

The Central Valley's Eco-Friendly Pest Control


Child and Pet Friendly

100% Service Guaranteed

Best Communication and Customer Service

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650 families rely on us to protect their home and keep them safe every month.

Byrd Pest Control has been serving the Central Valley for the past 5 years. Our formula for success isn’t complicated. It’s great people delivering a high-quality service – on time and with a smile. That’s why we people continue to use us every year.

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We are ACE Certified

Byrd Pest Control is the only company in the Central Valley, California area that has Associate Certified Entomologists on staff (ACE Certified by the Entomological Society of America) that is a truly green company. This certification established Byrd Pest Control as the true professional in our industry. We have taken extra steps to understand pest biology and have a deeper understanding that ensures that we will be able to take care of your pest problems with care and precision in the most professional way.

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Modesto Pest Control Eco-Friendly Professionals

We provide Modesto pest control services that include Natural, Organic and Reduced Risk solutions to both residential and commercial customers in Stanislaus County and surrounding areas. We understand that you don’t want to deal with pests or hazardous chemicals in your home. This is why we use an Integrated Pest Management approach that will keep your family safe. 

We are a truly forward thinking

We have been and continue to implement the latest advancements in green pest control which includes reducing the number of synthetic pesticides. Currently, we can handle about 80% of the possible pests that are here in the Central Valley with OMRI Organic Certified products and Exclusion! We also understand that a full Organic/Natural option may not be for everyone, However we still incorporate these products into all of our standard pest control services by going 100% Green on the inside of a home, as well using products and methods that allow us to reduce the amount of spraying, all while getting better control than your traditional spray service. We use the same methods that are used in hospitals and 5-star hotels that have public safety as their highest priority. We are not your traditional pest control company.  


of pests can be controlled with without synthetic pyrethroid Pesticides

Bedbugs, Mosquitos, Fleas & Ticks, Roaches, Rodents, Spiders, Wasps, Earwigs, Box Elder Beetles, Ground Beetles, Millipedes, Centipedes, stinkbugs and many other occasional invaders as well as select species of Ants

Majority of species of Ants – Ants are the most difficult to control using only organic and natural products. Instead, we use Reduced risk products that the EPA has labeled as generally regarded as safe and are very soft products and can be very effective on ants when used properly. 

Why Choose Us?

We have an amazing GUARANTEE

You will get the very best, most thorough pest control service in the industry. You will be 100% HAPPY with our service...or you won't pay a penny...period! -John Byrd

We will solve the problem FAST

Each house is unique in its own way, which brings its own sets of challenges when it comes to solving a pest problem. We come prepared! You may have noticed our awesome looking vans. They not only look cool but they can secure all the tools we need to handle any issue that may arise, and our staff knows how to use those tools to get the quickest results possible!

a FAIR PRICE and not a penny more

We know that without a doubt we bring the best value in the industry. Aiming that all people we interact will feel that our staff and service exceeds all expectations.

You can TRUST us to do the job right

As much as we love to see you and your family, we love to spend time with our families and friends as well; therefore, we do our job right the first time so we don’t have to come back more often than necessary.

We are EASY to get a hold of

Catch us on the Phone (209) 892-2973, Text (209) 595-9473, Facebook, Yelp, Email, via our Online Customer Portal or website. We believe that communication is the key in all relationships (Duh!), so we keep those lines of communication wide open!

You will always be INFOMORMED

We will TEXT, EMAIL or CALL you to remind you when we will be coming out to your home, or all three, YOU CHOOSE! And there is never a charge for these reminders. We will also email you your service report after every service.

What our customers are saying…
We’ve been happy clients for 5 years now. We have had our mice issue solved, spiders killed and Yellowjackets reduced to almost nil. The reminders about a week in advance have been very helpful; I was able to reschedule around a party I was having in my backyard Ruth S.


I highly recommend Byrd Pest, as a real estate professional in the community pest problems can be difficult to handle. They have great technicians with excellent customer service and a fantastic product Adrian G.

Realtor, Centery 21

Love the service!! Whenever there is any concern it is quickly taken care of with no questions or issues. And most of all with fantastic attitudes, the customer service is on point. I love that I don’t have spiders in my house! Melissa T.

A few of our Special Clients
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What Makes Us Different?

Byrd Pest Control Modesto and Patterson will get to the root issues of a problem and not just cover up an issue. Our strategy is simple, we figure out where the pests are coming from by taking to time and doing a thorough inspection of your home. Many times we can find moisture issues, areas that harbor a certain pest that includes trees and shrubs that are too close to the home. There may be groundcover that provides a home for some of the most troublesome pests or even openings around your home that are letting these pests inside.

We train our team to look at problems from a foundational level and in some cases, your issues can be resolved with some simple advice from us and/or a little bit of work, without pesticides or even continuous services. We give away our knowledge, just check out our Modesto/Patterson Blog. We believe that if we can just truly help people, that everything else will take care of itself. Let us help you make your home your sanctuary for you and not the pests. the peace of mind that you will have knowing your home is protected is priceless. Give us call or text us at 209-595-9473.

Modesto Location

1945 Bangs Ave

Modesto, CA 95356

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Patterson Location

254 Sperry Ave #2

Patterson, CA 95363

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